A collection of dark, twisted horror stories designed to get into your head and under your skin.
Nobody is safe. Nothing is off limits. No one can be trusted.
This tome of horrific tales explains why not all damaged goods can be returned.
Damaged Goods is primal horror that permeates your very soul and will be sure to stay with you long after you put the book down!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Damaged Goods... how to get the frigging thing!

Quick update on how to get hold of this now its officially out there....

Firstly you CAN get it from Amazon but you need to do it via the Markosia Amazon store
CLICK HERE to check it out. Going through the main site shows it as out of stock unfortunately.

Not quite sure what the deal is in the US at the moment, but at the time of writing I know there's at least one copy sat on the shelves of Midtown Comics in New York... which wont help anyone reading this but does make me smile.

The other way to get a hard copy of this is direct from Markosia's website HERE

Alternatively those of you with iphones/ipads can get it via ibooks. Either search "Damaged Goods" or just click THIS LINK which opens the US store but will link you to the UK one if thats where you are. Price there is only £2.99 or $5.99

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