A collection of dark, twisted horror stories designed to get into your head and under your skin.
Nobody is safe. Nothing is off limits. No one can be trusted.
This tome of horrific tales explains why not all damaged goods can be returned.
Damaged Goods is primal horror that permeates your very soul and will be sure to stay with you long after you put the book down!


Damaged Goods is a collection of horror stories from writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Mark Chilcott along the lines of Clive Barker's Books of Blood. The brief was to come up with something disturbing and nasty. Reports back would indicate this was achieved.

Richard McAuliffe- Writer
This is Richard's second published book, the first being Baby Boomers, also from Markosia, which is about as removed from this title as you could imagine. He's also contributed to various small press anthologies including Into the Woods and 10thology and also wrote both of the Dark Judgement specials for Zarjaz showcasing the Dark Judges from 2000AD's Judge Dredd universe.

Mark Chilcott - Artist
This is Mark's first full graphic novel having previously contributed to various anthologies including Murky Depths, Cold Blooded Chillers and both Zarjaz and Dogbreath magazines. After the darkness of Damaged Goods Mark is currently working on something a lot lighter, but expect him to edge back into the shadows before too long, hopefully with his own creation, Mr Jeebs.

Jim Campbell - Letters
Jim has lettered for amongst others Image, Renegade Arts and Classical Comics including the latest Dracula adaptation. He's also contributed his talents to the new Strip Magazine and probably about another 20 projects since I've written this. He's also VERY good at spotting writer screw-ups and replacing crappy sound effects with much better ones.

Nic Wilkinson - Story Editor
Damaged Good's answer to George Martin (if you dont know, look him up) Nic was a champion of this book from when it was first pitched based on the success of the "Magpie" story from Richard and Mark in the Layer Zero anthology from Insomnia. As well as guiding others, Nic is also an artist in her own right and has provided lettering duties on Unbelievable and Cancertown amongst others.